We develop projects in the area of finished and unprocessed natural stone. The unserpassed beauty of our stones is pure, everlasting and comes in a variety of textures and colors.



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Salgueira Quarry

The Salgueira No. 12 quarry is located in Arrimal, Porto-de-Mós, one of the main exploration center of the Estremadura Limestone Massif.
From this quarry we extract the limestone generally known as SRA and Branco do Mar.
The main characteristic of this limestone is its white or cream fine grain colour.

Location: Arrimal

Extraction area: 70.000 m²

Extracted stones:

SRA – Semi Rijo Salgueira

BM – Branco do Mar

PM – Perlino

Moleanos Quarry

The Cabeço da Vagem Quarry is located in Lagoa do Cão, Alcobaça.
In this quarry we extract the limestone generally known as Vidraço de Ataíja.
This limestone is predominantly bluish gray, and may have some variations in beige.

Location: Moleanos

Extraction area: 60.000 m²

Extracted stones:

AB9 – Platinum Blue
AB0 – Leopard Blue
AB8 – Pearl Beige
AB6 – ATaíja Cream
AB5 – Sapphire Blue
ABA – ATaíja Blue
AB11 – Storm Grey


Apple Store (China)

Stone: PLATINUM BLUE limestone

Hong Kong Airport

Stone: PLATINUM BLUE limestone